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Breakfast: To Skip or Not to Skip?

"The most important meal of the day".

Are you team Ya Kun, Toast Box, or just simply Koufu? Set A with the butter bun, Set B with the French loaf, or an iconic favorite, Set C with the classic Singaporean kaya toast?

With such crucial mouth-watering questions to think about early in the morning, one would automatically feel energized to start the day with delicious meals to anticipate. However, some would just skip the eggs and toast and opt with Set F: a cup of black coffee with some yawns on the side. 

Although hawkers and Koufus are known to be the busiest areas in the morning, this isn’t proof that every one of those in the crowd is in line for a nice fulfilling breakfast.

Ever wondered why the queue is always the longest in the stall selling beverages? That’s because many, maybe even yourselves, think it’s okay to fill an empty morning stomach with a simple drink, just to shush it from grumbling in the middle of a quiet class. When in fact, it’s not.

How a Single Meal Can Change Your Life

Imagine this scenario: you wake up to the sun hitting your face a little too hard, realize that you’re late, quickly grab all your belongings, and rush down to catch the bus until you finally reach school or work.

Sure, you managed to arrive in one piece, but aren’t you forgetting something? The imaginary frog croaking in your belly should tell you what it is. Unfortunately, this scenario is often a universal experience most go through. 

People usually skip breakfast due to the lack of time and motivation to prepare a meal early in the morning. Some even, while having sufficient time to eat breakfast, still choose to hold on till lunch to ‘save calories’ so they can treat themselves over the rest of the day. In fact, this ‘skipping breakfast diet’ is often claimed to be an efficient method to lose weight.

“Oh, I’m just not hungry.”

But you will be, eventually.

Breakfast-dodgers often more prone to miss out on important nutrients including vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and D. A study by Ohio State University (2021) concluded that people who skip breakfast are more likely to snack throughout the day, leading to more overall sugar, carbohydrate, and fat intake. This leads to ‘metabolic impairment,’ which raises the risk of chronic diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Although skipping breakfast does reduce one’s daily calorie intake, it is still an unhealthy way to lose weight, as it will eventually lead to poor habits that may damage one’s health in the long run.

‘The Most Important Meal of the Day’ Debate

The overused phrase ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ may sound as much of a myth to some as ‘Santa is real’.

But trust your parents, grandparents, or that one nagging elderly on this one; it is in fact true. As you plug out your phone charger early in the morning, you should also take time to plug in the necessary nutrients into your body after an overnight sleep. 

A morning meal fills you up with replenished energy to power you through the day. As reported by PubMed Central (2015), people who eat breakfast tend to live a healthy lifestyle in general due to their lower risk of chronic diseases and having a healthy diet. 

So Which Set Should I Get?

What’s wrong with Set F? Simply put, a cup of coffee isn’t enough to be considered a meal; a healthy breakfast should include a good range of nutrients like protein, carbs, and fiber. Some easy-to-make breakfast ideas include toast, porridge, smoothies, or a simple bowl of cereal. 


Some might even start their days with a next-level-breakfast - a delectable antioxidant-rich acai bowl filled with a variety of vibrant toppings like granola, cashew butter, and fruits.

As for me, a typical kaya toast set from Koufu will do.

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