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Going into 2022, I Want You to Know...

We asked and you answered – here are 10 New Year's messages you wanted us to share on your behalf. Happy New Year!

To myself

1. I deserve a break

I would like to not try too hard in my last semester. I’ve sprinted the first three-and-a-half years at SMU, but I think I deserve a break.

2. I hope to be a better person

2021 feels incomplete. But I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately – maybe it’s me that’s incomplete.

I’m in a healthy relationship, but there’s this nagging sense of loneliness that sits in my heart that I can’t seem to shake off. I haven’t found the opportunity to be at peace with the person I am today, yet I don’t want end things with my partner to chase a feeling I may never get.

I hope that in 2022, I learn to reconcile things so that I can be a better person for myself, my partner, my friends and my family. Here’s to a better year ahead.


To the people in my life

3. Thank you for lifting me up

Thank you so much for being there this past year. You really lifted me up when my spirits were down. Hopefully one day I'll be courageous enough to confess to you but until then... here's to another year of companionship :")

4. Thank you for being you

Dear French Potato,

I hope you know who you are and who I am based on the alias! XD

First of all, it's been a great first semester of university with you! Throughout this semester, we both struggled (eg. burnouts, sleepless nights, grades), but you always checked in to see how I was doing, whether I needed help, and willingly gave me the help I needed whenever I did.

As a foreigner, I was still slowly adjusting to the culture here and sometimes felt uncomfy with certain situations. You were the only one who took extra consideration of how I felt, while others assumed I was unaffected by such situations. All the little things you did really mattered a lot to me. You were so accommodating about the difference between our time zones by making sure that Zoom calls for project meetings were convenient on my end as well. Also, I really appreciate all the deep talks we have every now and then that remind me that you trust me and that I you too.

Thank you for being so selfless, kind, and considerate – towards me and others too. You are a blessing and I'm so lucky to have met someone so down-to-earth like you. Although we won't be attending the same classes next semester, I hope we keep in touch. Just know that you were the reason my first semester of university became so much more bearable and happier.

Happy New Year and I wish you all the best! :)

5. I'll be here

Hey RR,

You made my 2021. Truly. And I thought you were The One hahaha, but I guess God had other plans. I meant it when I said that I'd be happy for you, whoever you choose to be with, but for now I'll still lay in bed till 3am with no one but you on my mind. I'll still be trying to figure out where I screwed up. I'll still be smiling to myself when I see something that reminds me of the jokes we used to share with our eyes and the countless times we laughed at stupid things together. I'll still treasure the moments we shared that no one else knows about.

I hope that eventually, I'll stop going back in time when I'm by myself, but even then, I'll always be here for you. We may not be talking now and may not ever again, but when you need me, I'll be there.



6. About that kiss...

Dear G,

In my 21 years of existence, that kiss under the mistletoe was the best thing that has ever happened to me. Here's to creating more beautiful memories together :)

Lots of love,


PS. I couldn't sleep a wink that night.

7. Looking forward to getting to know you better

Hi M, looking forward to getting to know you better in the upcoming year, especially with physical class and all. Hope we get along well heh :-)

8. I wish you all the best

I wish things were different and that I could have handled my friendships and feelings better in certain situations. Nonetheless, I hope for the best for everyone I disconnected from when I was too busy focusing on my self healing and growth.

and last but not least...


To everyone

9. Please... @covid-19

Here's hoping that COVID-19 finally leaves us alone in 2022... please...

10. Kindness goes a long way

This year was probably quite rough for some of you, so I hope you give yourself due credit for making it through.

On that note, I hope you can be kinder to those around you if you can afford to – everyone's fighting their own battles and could do with a little more compassion. Kindness goes a long way.

Wishing everyone a happier and meaningful 2022!

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