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Pick your companions carefully — an important lesson I’ve learnt in SMU.

Lunch friends come and go: bidding buddies are only as loyal as their options; lovers may leave you jilted. But a backpack? A backpack will always have your back.

So it is important to pick the right one. That’s why I recommend the Kinesis 18L Ultimate Work Backpack to be your forever friend.

Meet the Kinesis Backpack. It doesn’t talk much, but it’s very loyal!

TL;DR: I really like Bold Backpacks (and I’m a sell-out). Also, Bold is giving every student 15% off all products until 30th September. Simply use the discount code beBoldsmu, here!


When you are running the SMU rat race, you must be prepared for anything. Fortunately, the Kinesis backpack has 3 dedicated compartments that will hold everything you need to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Now being the inquisitive student that I am, I wanted to test exactly how much I could stuff into a Kinesis bag, and here are the results.

In the large compartment, I managed to fit a pair of running shoes, a towel, a change of clothes, and three small bottles of soap – everything you’ll need for a relaxing run around SMU’s track, after a long day of mind-numbing seminars.

Now in the work compartment, or as I like to call it — the “I'm-an-unemployed-undergraduate-please-send-help” compartment, I managed to squeeze in every item an aspiring dean’s lister could need.

I had my trusty Macbook tucked into the smooth velvet padded sleeve for easy access. My iPad accompanied it in the adjacent (and very stylish) private sleeve.

In the main area, I stored my lovely Hydro Flask (which deserves its own article), a laptop stand that I do not use but looks cool, my pencil case, a file with some loose papers, my name tent, and also my laptop charger.

And lastly in the flat clothes compartment… I’ll be real with you. I have no idea what to use this compartment for, I am not lugging around an office outfit. I’m unemployed (lol).

Instead, I decided to fill up the compartment with snacks, to prevent myself from devolving into a depressi-spaghetti this semester.

I packed everything from fruit bars to cookies to a banana. The compartment also came with waterproof pouches which, according to the instructions, are used to store important things like passports, cash, etc.

Since I'll be carrying none of those, I used it to store a packet of drinks. When life gives you the ultimate everyday bag, you make the best use of it.


You might be saying, “Oh no, Sean! You forgot to pack an umbrella into your Kinesis 18L Ultimate Work Backpack​​™.”

Well, worry not dear reader, for the bag is W A T E R P R O O F. Yes, you heard that right. It’s made of the finest water-resistant fabric known to me.

Sorry readers, I didn’t have the heart to torment my forever friend. So here’s a picture from Bold’s website.

That means no more fear of getting your MacBook and iPad soaked in an unpredictable thunderstorm. That means your sweat will never soak into the fabric and ruin your precious backpack.

That means if you were studying on the 4th floor of Li Ka Shing Library for your Management Accounting Exam on 23 April 2022, and some clumsy student happened to trip accidentally, dropping their cup of coffee onto your bag, your bag would not have smelled like Yakun for the next 3 weeks, even after washing it.

Yes, I know that the last example sounded strangely personal. No, I refuse to elaborate, I’m still in shock.


Let’s talk about travelling with the Kinesis backpack. Your backpack is going to be your forever companion after all, which means following you on all sorts of wacky adventures.

Now aside from being waterproof, the Kinesis backpack comes with other nifty features.

No one will ever steal my Hydro Flask! No one!

A Magnetic Anti-Theft Zippers to secure the centre compartment. These zippers, though unassuming, boast great holding strength. No pickpocket will be able to separate them without your notice, so your belongings will be safe while you’re on the go.

An external back pocket that’s inaccessible to anyone except the person carrying the backpack. Not only is it safe to store your passport and mobile phone there, but you can also retrieve them in a jiffy.

I lifted this image from Bold’s website because I have not travelled in five years (help).

The Kinesis backpack is also a great companion for your trolley bag. No more lugging around both a heavy trolley bag and a hefty backpack. Instead, you can slot the bag with its luggage flap onto any handle to get some weight off your shoulders!


The Kinesis Bold Backpack has everything you need to be your everyday companion. It has specialized compartments and pockets to hold everything from laptops to running shoes. It boasts a sleek design that will match any outfit. And it comes with a 3-year warranty — it will have your back throughout your university life and beyond!

Don’t walk away empty handed; get your own forever Backpack here! And enjoy 15% off all Bold products when you use discount code beBoldsmu before 30th September.

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