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About Us

The Blue and Gold (TBNG) is SMU's very own student-run publication, delivering thoughtful and engaging articles to 9,000 active students on a weekly basis, contributing to a thriving community that we are based upon. 

We cover exciting on-campus events, lifestyle features, noteworthy profiles, and op-eds that tug at your heartstrings. 

TBNG is also the home of Dear Madison (DM), a platform for students to share their personal stories, thoughts, and concerns anonymously with our resident Agony Aunt.


We are always looking to collaborate with businesses and non-profit organisations to engage the student community with great deals and fresh perspectives.

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Write for Us

Have interesting ideas and a way with words?

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Hold onto an SMU student card?

Email us your article pitch and a writing sample at

Our Team


Editor in Chief: Maxine Hong

Managing Editor: Chian XinTong

PR Director: Josiah Lim

PR Director: Mikaela Ang

Events Director: Ong Jun Kai

Marketing Director: Maheswari D/o Arumugam (Arianna)

Marketing Director: Sean Leong

Multimedia Editor: Lee Ru Chen

Multimedia Editor: Renald Loh

Head Associate Editor: Bhavya Verma

Head Associate Editor: Lin Po Chien

Associate Editor: Chan Jia Yi

Associate Editor: Kristen Lim

Associate Editor: Laura Sim

Associate Editor: Moe Yin Zaw

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