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14 Love Letters for the 14th of February

Love Letters is a special Valentine’s Day initiative by SMUSA & The Blue and Gold. During the past week, students sent in words of appreciation, encouragement, and even some old school confessions. We picked out 14 of them that caught our attention.

1. To: Lucia Ng, Y1, SOSS

"Roses are red, I'm very funny, this Valentine's day, i hope your eggs are yummy x"

Love, Yummy Egg Lemonade

2. To: Gwen Yong, Y1, LKCSB

"I'm not sure if I follow prof Whitney in class, but I certainly spend the majority of my time looking at you 😍. You're a really gorgeous woman and I hope I get to take you out for dinner someday."

Love, Anonymous.

3. To: Jolie Goh, Y3, LKCSB

"Someone who understands my past, believes in my future and accepts me. You are like star. You are one of the nicest things to have in my life."

Love, Anonymous.

4. To: Erica Tan, Y1, SOE

"Roses are red, violets are blue, men are trash but don’t crash! Get those gainz babe you a strong girl! 🏋🏻‍♀️"

Love, Anonymous.

5. To: Stella Seah, Y1, LKCSB

"Couldn’t wait for Crash Landing On You episode 1 to air so I’ll be your pilot episode ❤️ love you!"

Love, Your Forever and Ever <3

6. To: Mindy Tan, Y1, SOA

"Hi Lovely Mindy, thanks for the support throughout these years. I appreciate it. It's shocking right, we have been friends since Poly Y1. We shall see SG100 together. Also, you're the hamtaro in my heart. P.S. Oi, don't keep on working. Please take care of your mental and physical health! Saranghaeyo."

Love, Anonymous.

7. To: Clarice Goh Hui Wen, Y3, SIS

"I know this might seem a little sudden, but you never fail to brighten my day whenever we talked. Cheers to having more meaningful and deeper conversations with you. #Gotgoalkeeperdoesnotmeancannotscore."

Love, Anonymous.

8. To: Megan Aw, Y1, LKCSB

"Hey Megan! I’m your secret angel hehe, watching you from the back. Sincerely, I wish you strength in everything you do and jiayou for 5 mod this sem! Just wanna say you’re cute 🥺"

Love, Anonymous.

9. To: Madhumitha, Y2, SOSS

"Hi Madhu! Thanks for always being happy and bubbly. It’s great to see you around everytime and please stay the same. You got a great future in modelling✌️😀"

Love, Valliappan

10. To: Chloe Chee, Y4, LKCSB

"Hiie Chloe~ Don’t think you remember me but when you sang for me at xoxo previously I was drawn to your voice and think you're very pretty :3 See you around 🥰"

Love, B.

11. To: Yong Chuan Lim, Y5, SOA

"Happy Valentines day, Handsome. Loving is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction and accepting one another. Love you."

Love, Anonymous.

12. To: Grysden, Y2, SIS

"It’s okay to be a glowstick; sometimes we have to break before we shine ✨"

Love, Anonymous.

13. To: Kaushik, Y1, SIS

"hello kaushik happy vday thank u for being my smu bff and pls stop asking me if u shld dye ur hair purple or blue i already said blue lots of times. kaushik is a handsome and smart man pls hit him up smu gurls."

Love, Bee.

14. To: Wesley Wong, Y1, LKCSB

"I love you! Thank You for being the most handsome, alpha, beautiful, muscular, smart, and I love your sideburns King Wong!"

Love, Wesley Wong


To view the full list of love letters, visit SMUSA's Wall of Love.

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