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Ghost Encounters in SMU

There have been many bizarre and unexplainable occurrences occurring around campus. From disappearing food to disappearing statistics modules. For your own safety and well-being, I urge you to read on and find out more about these peculiar events.

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Buffet Clearer Ghost

Have you noticed SMU buffets disappearing in a split second. Bee hoon and spring rolls can be seen vanishing into thin air. It is not a question of how but who? My fellow buffet clearers, have you seen the pasty and ghastly white hand reach into the kueh lapis tray? Fear not, I have seen it too. It who shall not be named floats along the corridors and lurks in the nooks and crannies sniffing out buffets and devouring it within seconds. By the time news of a buffet reaches the ears of the general student population, all that’s left behind are crumbs left behind by It who shall not be named. Friendly note of advice, when you go trick or treating this Halloween be sure to keep your treats close if not It who shall not be named may just trick you and make your treats evanesce.

Invisible Groupie

Group projects are coming to a halt with presentation dates looming ahead but one of your groupies is invisible. The mystifying fact is that they tend to go invisible during meeting sessions and dry runs, only to return back to class with a wild story about having to provide food and shelter for a depressed rhino. Besides their unique superpower about invisibility, they are always a victim of sudden technological malfunctions. Unfortunately, they tend to be mute as well. Sorrows, sorrows, prayers.

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Two-faced Ghoul

We have all heard about No-face but do we know about two-faced? You might think that having no face is scary but what’s even scarier is someone with two faces! Let me clarify that most of the time they are normal with just one face but it is during the months of August and October when they turn two-faced. Their extra face appears after collectively agreeing to bid 35.00 for statistics but they slink away and bid 35.01. The audacity of the two-faced. Keep a close lookout for their metamorphosis on the eve of Halloween as it is truly a rare phenomenon that occurs biannually. When BOSS bidding begins, they metamorphosize into two-faced creatures.

Image Credit: Selimaksan on iStock.


Have you spotted beings with bloodshot eyes roaming the corridors or worse passed out cold in seminar rooms? They are a common sight around campus and as the semester progresses, their numbers begin to climb. Never wake up these sleepyheads as they will go on an infamous rant on how they slept for a record breaking duration of 2 whole hours as they have 3110 quizzes and submissions due.

If you happen to see these ghosts around campus, do not take them seriously as they are just ghosts. Just smile and wave.

Happy Halloween everyone! With that, I shall officially ghost you.

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