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LKS or KGC: The Library Showdown

All of us at some point in our university journey will need somewhere quiet to study in SMU. Kwa Geok Choo Library and Li Ka Shing Library, fondly referred to as either “KGC” or “LKS'' in casual conversation, spoil us for choice really when it comes to finding the optimal place to study. So read on and pick your fighter to boost your examination XP as high as possible.

Fighter #1: Lee Ka Shing Library

Alias: LKS


  • Five stories high, with a range of facilities such as group study rooms (GSR) and study booths, perfect for group projects or getting down to the study grind on your own.

    • Many subject specific facilities are also located here, such as the Bloomberg terminal room

  • Most parts of the library face relaxing spaces such as the verdant Campus Green and the stunning city skyline. This makes for really nice photo backgrounds, Instahoes take note!

  • Rooftop gardens on L5 for convenient grass touching

  • Convenient location in the centre of SMU

  • Far more toilet cubicles per floor than KGC (I speak for the women’s cubicles only)


  • Noisy, with several people moving in and out frequently

Meh points:

  • More natural light than KGC, so their provided lighting is warmer and dimmer

  • Similar vibes to a typical NLB branch


Lee Ka Shing Library

Fighter #2: Kwa Geok Choo Library (Author’s choice!)

Alias: KGC, Law Library


  • Nearer to law, social sciences and CIS faculties

  • Personal favourite study spots include a specific table at L3 next to the meeting room, or a big L5 communal table

  • Not short of cosy study spots such as the individual study booths and big tables for collaborative work

    • Special mention goes to the plush armchairs that become “nap pods” at Level 4, the perfect place for RnR after gruelling classes.


  • Infamous for having a more “intense” vibe, almost to the point of pressurising.

  • The toilets are small, with only two cubicles per floor for female toilets. Thus, one may find themselves spending a bit more time queuing for the toilets than they should. (The cubicles also have a really funky smell that is just not there in LKS and I can’t put my finger on it. If anyone knows what it is please tell me)

Meh points:

  • I prioritise being able to reach my snacks quickly (i.e. my locker at the SOL building) because I’m always hungry, so this is heavily dependent on your individual metabolic rates

  • A master of illusion: it looks bigger on the inside than out

  • If you like to study in hotel lobbies, this is it


Individual tables in KGC

Kwa Geok Choo Library

All in all, if you require specific academic services and/or don’t mind a little more noise, LKS might be more suited for you. On the other hand, if you work better under pressure, KGC might prove more effective. Most importantly, know that you are not bound to any library (even if people joke otherwise) and feel free to move to places that work the best for you!

All the best for examinations and I hope this guide serves you well!

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