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SMUSAfiesta: Cherry Bloom

The Campus Green may not have Sakura trees that offer respite post mid-terms for the students of SMU, but SMUSA has you covered with their highly anticipated SMUSAfiesta: Cherry Bloom!

Having endured through the hectic mid-terms and project season myself, receiving the news of SMUSAfiesta: Cherry Bloom felt like a much-needed breath of fresh air to my weathered soul. Thus, when the opportunity to cover this event “effloresced”, I knew I had to attend it. Springing into action then, I now present you with my review of SMUSAfiesta: Cherry Blossom.

Hello, JCC!

This semester’s iteration of SMUSAfiesta saw a blossoming partnership between SMUSA and ICON’s Japanese Cultural Club, JCC. The two bodies collaborated and added two unique booths to the fiesta – Lantern painting and Shodo, a form of Japanese calligraphy, adding to ambience and imagery of theme of Cherry Blossoms, giving the fiesta its unique flair.

Personally, I found this collaboration to be one that is fruitful and that it truly elevates the experience and vibrancy of the fiesta. I doubt that without a strong theme, would the fiesta have benefitted. This paves a new path to explore potential exciting themes and collaborations that will keep the fiestas to come fresh and novel.

The Evergreens

While new activities and collaborations bring something to the table, there are some activities that we simply cannot do without. With the return of popular booths that garnered immense support last year, regular patrons of the SMUSAfiesta revisited their favourite booths such as the Cozy Nintendo Booth, Photobooth and Message Wall. Who knew that a few rounds playing Mario Kart, snapping a photo with your friends and contributing to the vine of messages could dispel al the pent-up stress and tension so efficiently?

With patrons crowding around the Cozy Nintendo Booth, queuing for the Message Wall and groups rushing to collect stamps to be redeemed at the Photobooth, I would not be surprised if these booths become a mainstay for future fiestas.

Unique Flavours

Lastly, by my personal standards, no fiesta is complete without amazing food and goodies and the fiesta easily ploughed through my expectations. Attendees and the organizing body alike delighted themselves with the delectable gelato and waffles during those warm sunlit hours.

In addition, snacks, goodies, and food vouchers were distributed to patrons upon registering. What I found most wonderful was the initiative of “bringing you own bag”, a simple and actionable initiative that embody SMUSA’s conviction to sustainability. This sets the standard that event organisers should aim to uphold for welfare drives and fiestas to come.

Sowing Expectations

From implementing interesting themes and collaborations to providing activities and goodies that patrons would appreciate, all while exemplifying their conviction towards sustainability, I believe that SMUSAfiesta: Cherry Bloom truly blossomed. The joint effort of SMUSA, BIZCOM & JCC undoubtedly bore fruit and sets future expectations for the fiestas to come. I look forward to seeing what new themes and collaborations they have instore for us all.

Overall Rating: 4/5

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