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Romance yourself this Valentine’s Day!

Source; Chris Liu via Unsplash

Spending Valentine's Day alone? Writer Wint comes to the rescue with some solo-date ideas around SMU for that #selflove.

We hope you like chocolates, roses, and everything in the shape of a heart, because it’s that time of the year again. But regardless of whether you have a valentine, love is in the air - and there’s simply no better time than now to show some self-love to celebrate the most important person in your life (spoiler: it’s you).

Also with the new wave of appreciation for self-care and romanticising your life, you might be looking for fun things to do around school on your own. Or maybe you’ve got a long break with time to kill, and the last thing you want to do is study. Either way, this list is here to offer you some ideas on where to take yourself to feel like the main character, and spend some quality time with yourself.

Each of the suggestions includes a special ‘Difficulty Level’ rating, for those who are excited to try out a solo-date, but still feel slightly anxious doing things on your own. Let’s dive right in.


#1 Take yourself on a museum date!

For the art and history lovers, SMU is a comfortable distance away from a variety of fascinating museums and galleries.

A screenshot from Google Maps of the nearby museums you can hit up.

One great option would be the iconic building that you’ve probably spotted from Campus Green, or walked past while rushing to class. Right next to the Connexion building, the National Museum of Singapore presents many exciting exhibitions, with most of them offering free admission for Singaporeans and PRs.

Alternatively, if you are looking for museums slightly further away from school, you can take a 15-minutes’ stroll down towards the Singapore River, to visit the National Gallery or the Asian Civilisations Museum. Both offering a stunning variety of Asian art, these galleries are also ideal spots for your next solo outing. The Asian Civilisations Museum is perfect for learning more about Asia through ancient artefacts and art pieces, while the National Gallery offers a wide variety of visual artwork for you to mindlessly admire on your visit. On top of that, free admission for locals and students are available at both museums.

Don’t miss this cute selfie spot outside the Asian Civilisations Museum -- picture from when Writer Wint took herself on a solo date there. Tried and tested.

Difficulty Level: Relatively easy. The museums are never too crowded or noisy, making it super comfortable for you to get lost in your own thoughts, without thinking too much about people around you.


#2 Bike ride, or go for a run around the City.

For those who enjoy working out, take advantage of SMU’s proximity to the city centre, and go for a solo run or a bike ride around the city! Bike rentals can be as affordable as $10/hour, a price that is offered by City Scoot @ High Street Centre, a short 10 minutes’ bus ride or walk from the YPH School of Law. Alternatively, if you enjoy running, iconic landmarks like the Merlion, and Marina Bay Sands are just around 1.5km, and 3km away from school, respectively. Exercise is one of the best ways to pump your brain full of endorphins, and the city sights are sure to be great company. And the best part? You can head back to SMU to wash up after your workout at any one of the school shower facilities.

This photo was taken across the street from the Padang, and just a few minutes away from YPHSOL. Run past the Padang, and you’d be a few short minutes away from the stunning Marina Bay views.

Difficulty Level: Easy. Most people work out alone, and it is easy to forget to be self-conscious as you zoom past the tourist crowds on your bike (or those powerful legs).


#3 Enjoy a concert at the Esplanade.

With live music and other performances back in full swing, the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre is livelier than ever. Take a bus down to the Esplanade building, and enjoy the diverse range of performances held at the theatre fronting the stunning Marina Bay waterfront.

Live band performance from Baybeats 2019. Source; Esplanade website.

Featuring exhilarating dance performances or soothing musical recitals almost daily, this is a perfect venue for a contemplative evening alone. This is another option that is 100% free, and relatively accessible, at just a 10-minute bus ride away from school.

Difficulty Level: Moderate. The Esplanade Outdoor Theatre does attract a crowd, so it may be slightly more challenging for those who are not too used to going out alone. Nevertheless, concerts like these are a great chance to relish your own company, as you take in the performances.


#4 Explore Fort Canning Park.

If you find yourself most comfortable in nature or fascinated by historical sites, this gorgeous park right next to school is a great location to explore on your own. Featuring sites like the heritage gallery and several historical gardens including the Sang Nila Utama Garden, this park is almost like an outdoors-museum—an excellent place to take a solitary walk, where you can pick up fascinating historical facts.

A lovely scenic spot at Fort Canning Park you can walk through as you take in the greenery. Source; Explore Bees.

Difficulty Level: Easy. The park is relatively quiet, giving you enough space to enjoy your own company, and even take self-timed photos and videos of yourself while you’re at it!


#5 Grab brunch at a trendy café around SMU.

Once again, thanks to SMU’s location, there is certainly no shortage of brunch places around school. If you’re feeling a little boujee, these brunch places will be the go-to for an indulgent meal between breakfast and lunch. Around 10-20 minutes bus rides away are two vibrant areas teeming with brunch spots, Bugis and Tanjong Pagar. Take your pick from a myriad of cozy cafes and bakeries to people-watch, as you enjoy your hearty salmon avocado toast.

Writer Wint enjoyed a delicious cold brew and a hearty brunch at The Glasshouse in CHIJMES.

Difficulty Level: Harder for beginners. Eating alone will definitely be more of a challenge compared to the other items on the list, but once you’ve gotten some practice with the easier tasks, you will be doing this in no time.


Taking yourself out on a solo date may sound like a challenge at first, but there’s really no better time to slow down, reflect on your own thoughts, and understand yourself better. We hope that you’ll showering yourself with love this Valentine’s, and that this has been a helpful list for everyone on every step of their self-love journeys!



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