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SICS Week is Gonna be SICC

Rumour has it that SIS changed its name to SCIS (School of Computing and Info Systems) so as to confuse people into thinking that SCIS and SICS (Special Interest and Community Service Sodality) are the same... Except SICS has their own SICS week while SCIS has... computers and geeks?

I have an eclectic range of SMU shirts. Not exactly a lot, but definitely enough to induce cognitive dissonance between my sense of belonging to the school and my perpetual desire to drop out. Among the many shirts in my collection, the jewel would be the white and green SICS shirt that was given out during one of SICS welfare drives two years ago.

Take a look now, ain’t she a beauty?

Since then, I’ve been waiting for the chance to get my hands on more exclusive SICS merchandise like this. If you are just like me; wait no more, for SICS week is upon us.

What is SICS Week?

Since the school’s inception in 2000, a variety of special interest (SI) and community service (CS) clubs have helped to make student life in SMU a lot more diverse and fulfilling.

This year, the 14th SICS management committee presents Reignite, the 7th edition of SICS Week (22nd to 26th Feb) - an annual showcase for students to get to know each of the 23 clubs a little better. This year’s theme is “Unwavering Commitment”, which Events Director Wan Xin says is a homage to the hard work put in by the clubs and committee members throughout the years, in an effort to create a vibrant environment for us all.

The SICS team in action

To celebrate, SICS will be engaging us with a series of fun activities that will last us through next week. So - what should you be looking out for?

For a start, keep a look out for the pre-event marketing posts that will be posted on SICS’ Instagram starting from tomorrow.

An insider tip for our loyal readers here: If you like, share, and tag three friends in the comments section in the post that will be going up on Sunday on the SICS Instagram page (21th Feb), and then repost the post as a screenshot to your personal IG account, you will be eligible to win some exclusive club merchandise. I’m pretty sure that you won’t be able to beat me to it though, for I am going to be one of the first to do it.

During the week itself, facts about the different constituent clubs under SICS will be posted every day as part of a special “Do You Know Series” created by the SICS team. In fact, bet you never knew that 2 CCAs under SICS earned its place to be featured as unique CCAs that you never knew existed in Singapore's schools. Don't take my word for it - Take a look at it yourself over here!

The series will culminate in the SICS Fever! Quiz on the last two days of the event (25th and 26th Feb), where you will get to answer 8-10 randomized questions. The first 100 event participants per event day will be given prizes and the Top Scorer for each day will be awarded one of these: -

A brand-new JBL Bluetooth Speaker!

There will be event exclusive SICS merch as well, which is something that I have been looking forward to since receiving my first two years ago. Prizes up for grabs are limited while stocks last. So while you may be busy preparing for your midterms, do remember to keep your eyes peeled and watch out for announcements on SICS IG where you can find out more about Reignite.

This article is written as a collaborative piece between TBNG and SICS. “Reignite” will be held from 22nd Feb to 26th Feb. Pre-event activities from 20th Feb. Visit @smu_sics on IG or join SICS' Telegram channel to find out more.

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